ShredJet Male Anabolic Tri-Stack - 30 day supply

SHRED-JET is an exclusive anabolic growth stack.  For those who are not aware, designer anabolic supplements are back and stronger than ever. We created our own special blend of pro-anabolics designed to put on dry muscle tissue with no water weight. By combining several synergistic ingredients, we created a highly effective anabolic compound. The abundant benefits of this product include increased muscle strength and lean mass, reduction in visceral body fat, vascularity, non-aromatizing, non-toxic to the liver, increased sex drive, and lowering cortisol levels. By combining high dosed, raw ingredients with a 99% purity rate, Shred-Jet competes against the open market of new designer anabolics. A post cycle therapy such as TestogenX is recommended after every eight-week run.

  • Non methylated
  • Non liver toxic
  • Amplified absorbtion

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

300mg - 3b-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one
300mg - 11-keto-androstenedione
100mg - 5A-hydroxy laxogenin
50mg - 6-7 dihydroxybergomottin
10mg - Bioperine

Instructions for use:
2 capsules per day, one ever 12 hours. Take for a full 8 weeks (2 bottles) and then use a PCT like T-Pro or Revitastane.


  • Manufactured by: Dominant Nutrition

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