Battle For The Olympia 2002 (VII) by Mocvideo

The Battle For The Olympia 2002 DVD

319 minutes / 2 disc set dvd
Originally Released February 8th, 2003

Produced By: Mitsuru Okabe
Replicated and Distributed By: Mocvideo Productions LLC

Craig Titus : Legs / Showing his new home in Vegas
Flex Wheeler : Back / Flex trains naturally for 2002 Olympia
Ronnie Coleman: Chest + Triceps (3 wks out, 275 lbs, Awesome look!!@his $150K home-gym)
Darrem Charles : Back (1 day after his mom was killed)
Ahmad Haidar : Back + Traps
Orville Burke : Back + Traps
Art Atwood : Legs
King Kamali : Shoulders+ Calves + Triceps
Kevin Levrone : Chest (405 lbs x 12 reps bench press)
Claude Groulx : Back + Shoulders
Bob Cicherillo : Shoulders (trains with Chris Cook)
Tommi Thorvildsen : Back
Lee Priest : Chest, Shoulders + Calves (at his home-gym)
Dennis James : Chest (6days out, super tight look!)
Gunter Schlierkamp : Chest (301 lbs train by Charles Glass to maximum intensity)
Francisco "Paco" Bautista : At the hotel room / Posing Only
George Farah : Back +Biceps (after Olympia)
Jaroslav Horvath : Back, Arms (after Olympia)
  • Manufactured by: Mocvideo Productions

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