David Henry Xtreme Measures DVD

David Henry / Xtreme Measures

Approx. 3 hours 13 minutes +5 minutes extra
single disc dvd
Released : June 27, 2008

Filmed April 4th, 5th, 6th, 2008. His three whole-body workouts sessions reveal the secret of David's speed success gaining mass. This is NOT an instructional video, but his DC Style work-outs really pumps you up!! Anyone who may hitting plateau, might get idea to break through it.

On his back and biceps day, he starts to train his biceps first. On his leg day, he starts with his calves, hamstrings, then finally he trains his quads. Why he does that way? David explains why in this DVD.

High intense training sessions covered by color footage and black & white footage. 2/3 is covered by B&W.
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